The benefits of fun indoor activities for kids






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Healthy kids are happy kids! Finding ways to keep them active not only helps them learn and grow, it can also help them develop physical, emotional, and social skills.

But with so many screens so easily accessible, it can be tricky to motivate them to move their bodies. That’s why active fun is so important. In the right environment, kids are able to have a blast while improving their fitness and welcoming a whole bunch of other benefits. 

Finding fun indoor activities is a great way to make this happen.  That’s because active fun outdoors isn’t always a sustainable option thanks to the Australian weather. Indoor fun for kids is a great way to motivate and maintain activity while offering a lot of other advantages.

Let’s look at this a little more closely.

Why active fun indoors matters

1. Less screen time

Between TV shows, video games and mobile apps, we’re all spending a lot of time on screens. But did you know kids’ screentime has been linked to poor sleep quality, bad grades, aggression, higher rates of obesity, and even poor socialisation? It’s not great for teens either, with studies finding that adolescents spending upwards of 7 hours a day on screens are twice as likely to struggle with their mental health than those using screens for an hour or less.

This shows that limiting your kids’ screen time is important. Experts even suggest that kids between 2 and 5 should be only allowed an hour a day at the most. But kids get restless, so how do you fill the rest of the day? Easy – with fun indoor activities that keep them active. They can enjoy themselves away from pixels, and you can enjoy seeing them flourish.

2. Safer environments

With indoor fun, there can be less risk involved. For one, there’s no sun which means no sunburn or sunstroke from hours exposed to the elements. It also makes it easier to avoid dehydration. 
Plus, a lot of fun indoor activities will have rules in place and equipment designed to better protect your child. At Flip Out, we have strict safety rules and processes in all our centres that help to create a safe environment for all ages, including the little ones. We also have first aid staff on hand and conduct regular inspections of our equipment.

3. Keeps their brains engaged

Tracking down fun indoor activities can break up the monotony of games always played at home, create new experiences and engage your child’s brain in whole new ways. 
Mixing up the indoor environment means kids are faced with new situations and problems that can help them develop critical thinking skills. They can also learn to be curious and even expressive as they explore creativity within this unknown, but safe, situation. Being active throughout this time of exploration is also amazing for their learning since children learn best when both their bodies and minds are stimulated. Flip Out offers playgroup classes for younger kids to help with this.

4. Improve fitness and coordination

It’s a given that when your child is engaging in indoor active fun, they are honing their fitness, but did you know it can also improve their coordination? Researchers have found that kids who participate in active indoor activities actually develop better fast-twitch muscles, which helps to improve their reflexes. In terms of overall fitness, healthier kids also have lower risks of ailments like heart disease, liver issues, and childhood diabetes. 

For older kids, these kinds of activities offer a fun way to keep them fit and prepare them for other sports, rather than just going for a run or lifting some weights. It’s a great method for taking the pressure off and focusing on their enjoyment.

5. Get social!

When young kids participate in fun indoor activities, they get the chance to meet, befriend and communicate with other children. This can teach them how to relate to others, which helps develop important social skills like empathy and understanding while improving their confidence. By learning how to socialise from a young age, they have a better chance of developing strong, healthy relationships with others as they grow. It’s also a great way for them to learn about new perspectives and foster their imagination. 

Older children can benefit too. This is a whole new environment for them to make friends in, which is great for mental wellness.

6. Stay entertained, whatever the weather

We all know how wild Australian weather can be. One day it’s stinking hot, the next it’s bucketing down. Your kids’ ability to have fun and stay active doesn’t need to depend on what the climate feels like doing. After all, it’s important for young children’s growth and development to do a certain amount of physical activity each week. 

Simply track down some fun indoor activities like the ones we offer at Flip Out. These are great rainy day activities and can get them involved rain, hail or shine. That way you don’t have to suffer from cabin fever thanks to rowdy kids with too much pent-up energy. 

Have some active fun indoors with Flip Out!

Now that you know why active play is important, it’s time to get your kids involved! At Flip Out, we’re all about active fun and keeping children healthy in a safe environment. Plus, we have all sorts of fun indoor activities that everyone can get involved in, including you! Flip Out is great for anyone aged 2-99 so why not try out some active indoor fun for yourself? Check out your local arena and see what’s available!