Safety is of the utmost importance to Flip Out. 

Just like any active, fun and exciting activity, flipping out comes with some inherent risks.  To minimise these risks, Flip Out enforces safety rules, conducts daily inspections on our equipment and thoroughly trains every member of the Flip Out Squad.

How do we keep you safe?


Every day before you get to Flip Out, our Squad members are hard at work inspecting our equipment.  This ensures that our trampolines are ready for you to flip to your heart’s content.  And if the trampolines aren’t safe for flipping?  We close the equipment and our dedicated maintenance team is put on the job to solve the problem and get you back to flipping ASAP.


Before our Squad members begin supervising on our equipment they undergo significant training with Flip Out.  We test them to ensure they know every Flip Out safety rule, understand how best to keep you safe and can help you make the most of every visit to Flip Out.  We also keep records on all of our Ninja coaches qualifications and ability, to ensure that Ninjas are being taught by the masters, not the novices.

First aid

We do our best to prevent injuries, but know that we need to be prepared if they occur.  Flip Out ensures that dedicated first aid staff are on hand at all times to handle any accidents or injuries.


Remove jewellery, valuables and other objects

We know you come to Flip Out looking 💯 but sharp objects and trampolines don’t mix well, so we ask you to take them off.  P.S Your phone belongs on Facebook, not in our foam pit!  Don’t jump in with it.

Keep food and drink off the equipment

Drink your double shot vanilla mochaccino in our awesome cafe, not on the equipment.

Flip out Grip socks are mandatory for fun and safety

Get a grip!  Our grip socks keep you from slipping and sliding on the trampolines. 

No running, roughly play or contact sports

We’ve seen your flips, and we know that they are wild enough without bringing extreme sports into it.  You’re here to flip, not wrestle or play rough, so let’s leave it off the trampolines.

Don't sit down in the arena, or climb the safety padding

Tired from flipping?  Take a break in our cafe and seating area.  Want to climb?  Try out the Warrior Course, don’t climb the safety padding.

Always bounce with two feet

You’ve got two feet, use them.

No swearing, abusive language or threatening behaviour

Swearing at people, being abusive or being threatening isn’t cool.  If you do any of this, we’ll ask you to leave.

One person on each trampoline

Flip Out has tons of trampolines.  So many that you don’t need to use more than one per person.  This also means no double bouncing.

Give way to those smaller than you

Flip Out is a place for all ages, so if you’re a big kid, you need to give way to the little ones.  Keep an eye out for young participants and let them have right of way.

Always jump within your ability

It’s awesome that you want to learn a half-in rudi-out triple somersault.  But Flip Out is not the place to learn it.  If you want to master fundamental trampolining skills, you should try our Ninjas program.  Don’t try new skills or jump above your ability at Flip Out.


Trampolines are dangerous, and you enter at your own risk.  All people under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.  Flip Out takes no responsibility for injuries caused within the centre.  Patrons cannot participate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Flip Out reserves the right to remove patrons.

Flip Out Australia is a

Flip Out Australia is a member of the
Franchise Council of Australia