Why Flip Out Playgroups are great for parents too!






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Playgroups can be an awesome experience for young children and toddlers. They provide an opportunity for the kids who get involved to learn and develop skills that will come in handy as they grow.

This is exactly the case for thWith all the running, jumping, fun games and general physical activity taking place over three hours, they’re sure to be tuckered out by the end.e playgroups hosted by Flip Out arenas around the country, but did you know they can be great for parents as well? Read on to discover how!

What is Playgroup at Flip Out?

First things first, what are the playgroups at Flip Out like? Also known as Toddler Time sessions, they mostly take the form of activity groups for toddlers and small children. Generally, a single session includes an adult and a child aged five or under to stay and play in our arena, enjoying the trampolines or other activity equipment for up to three hours. Depending on the arena, your local Flip Out will also offer special equipment like hula hoops, parachutes, balls and more to maximise their fun!

You can choose to get involved or watch from the sidelines, but parental supervision is needed at all times. That’s good news for you! Let us tell you why.

Why playgroups are great for you

1. You get to meet likeminded parents!

We all know parenting involves a lot of running around after your little one, so it can be hard to find time to make friends. At these kids’ Playgroup and Toddler Time sessions, you’ll have the chance to meet and connect with parents who are in a similar stage of life with similar-aged kids. It’s basically a mixer of people who you’ll have heaps in common with! You have the chance to build a community and support network with the people you meet. Plus, your toddler will also be making friends within the group, so if you’re friends with their parents, you could even organise other playdates that would be fun for both of you.

2. Burn up that excess energy

One of the many wonderful things about kids is their endless curiosity, enthusiasm and energy, but it’s not always how you want them to be around bedtime. Playgroups and Toddler Time sessions offer a great way to burn up that energy and helps tire them out while being great for their development.

With all the running, jumping, fun games and general physical activity taking place over three hours, they’re sure to be tuckered out by the end. That means there’s less chance of the bedtime battle, or the back and forth from their room to make sure they’re actually sleeping. They’ll (hopefully) be out like a light, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a little bit of me-time in the evening.

3. Take some time to relax

It’s important to be present at Flip Out Playgroup and Toddler Time sessions, but you don’t always have to participate. You can have a bit of a break while you sit back and watch your toddler have a great time while in the care of qualified Flip Out staff members. Some of our arenas even offer a café that you can spectate from while enjoying some yummy food and drinks. Call your local Flip Out to confirm if they offer this, or check out their local website.

4. Get your daily dose of exercise while having FUN

While you’re welcome to take a break during a Flip Out Playgroup or Toddler Time session you’re just as welcome to get involved! It’s a great way to get in some exercise and bond with your little one. It can be hard to find the time to prioritise your own well-being, but this is the perfect opportunity. Exercising on trampolines is great for your balance, core, bone density, and overall fitness.

5. Harness other parenting tools

Putting your toddler in playgroup can help you enhance their growth and learning. As they learn how to interact and play with children their age, they are growing valuable social skills. You get to watch this happen and enjoy a sense of pride as they get better each week! It’s also a great way to expose your child to different cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

6. It’s easy to involve all your kids

No need to run around town dropping off your kids to different places for different activities. If you have more than one child under five, they can join the Playgroup or Toddler Time session for a small extra fee. That way everyone can get involved and no one gets excluded!

If you have a child over five, no worries! Flip Out is an all-age centre with rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Your older child can enjoy the rest of the arena, getting in their own active fun and socialising during playgroup. They could even get involved in our Ninja classes, which are movement and agility classes for school-aged kids. Just be sure to contact your local arena to find out if the session times align.

7. Enjoy quality time with your little one, while they’re still little

The years go by fast, so it’s important to make lasting memories, especially in their formative years. During the Playgroup and Toddler Time sessions, you can enjoy spending time with them in a fun environment while doing something that’s good for both of you. Enjoy the laughs, the squeals, and the all-around joy of your little ones as they discover themselves and have a great time. Those are the kind of moments you’ll look back on.

Book your playgroup session

It’s time to start reaping these benefits. Each of the Playgroups or Toddler Time sessions from our different arenas will vary in terms of price and what’s involved, so be sure to check out their local pages. However, they all have one thing in common – they are a great experience and opportunity for both you and your toddler. Find out more.