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Does your search history consist of questions like ‘Is there an indoor trampoline park near me?’ or ‘Which is the best indoor bounce trampoline park in Australia?’ Well then look no further because we are proud to present the answers you’ve been looking for.
At Flip Out, the fun never stops and we take pride in going above and beyond to ensure that you’ll have a good time with our ninjas. Forget the fact that we’ve been noted as one of the best trampoline parks across multiple states in Australia; let us explain why you need to be planning your next family outing with us!

An Experience Like Never Before

Have you ever heard the saying that active kids are happy kids? Well, now you have! Kids are meant to be having fun and making the most of their youth while they’re active and healthy.
From ninja activities to parties, the options are endless at Flip Out, and you’ll be always surrounded by trained ninja instructors who take every care to keep flippers happy.

No Rainy Days

Why let the weather ruin your weekend plans when you’ve got Flip Out on your side?
Every single Flip Out branch comes with a mind-blowing trampoline area and a whole world of indoor excitement to explore. Lock away your screens and tech gadgets and give us an opportunity to provide you with a fun fitness platform – all clean and dry indoors!

Safety is Key

No lines or borders are drawn here, and no one will tell you to stop having too much fun at Flip Out. However, safety is also a key priority.
All our venues are designed to maximise fun while ensuring your health and safety. If anyone feels unsure of how to tackle an obstacle, our instructors will flip over to help you out. Also, if another ninja is putting others in danger, rest assured they will be given a warning and removed from the area if they continue to do so.

Ninja Classes

Have you ever heard of such a thing before? It’s a place where kids and adults can visit to learn the basics of flipping fun and exercise.
Our classes are tailored to all ages and abilities so that no one misses out on all the fun of becoming a fully-blown ninja.
If you think your kids are still a little too young to join in on ninja classes, think again! We even offer a ninja playgroup where kids under five years old can get to know their own mobility and challenge the limits of exercise as they know it.
As we said, no one is incapable of becoming a ninja in no time, so come on down and try out our theory.

Let Us Help You Organise the Best Day Ever

We hope that we’ve answered most of the concerns that often stop people from visiting trampoline parks.
If you’ve got any further doubts or need a little more convincing as to why you should come by, jump onto our website and find your local Flip Out to get in touch with our friendly front-desk ninjas.

Additional Resource

We take pride in being one of Sydney’s premier indoor trampoline parks. Our dedication to providing a fantastic trampoline experience has earned us a spot among the best in the city by Sydney Uncovered. The accolades and praise we’ve received highlight our commitment to delivering unparalleled indoor excitement and explain why Flip Out is the ultimate destination for trampoline park enthusiasts in Sydney and all over Australia.

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