What is a Flip Out Party Host?






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Flip Out parties are like no other. Kids have a blast, parents can relax, and the birthday child has an experience they’ll never forget. With a range of options available, parents can pick the perfect package to suit their celebration, with a dedicated Party Host to help bring everything together no matter what you choose. 

Our Party Hosts help ensure everyone is safe and having a great time as they participate in their party activities. They’ll make sure you feel supported and take care of the hard work, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the celebration! 

One of Flip Out’s fabulous Party Hosts is the amazing Bella from Flip Out Joondalup. We had a chat with her about her experience as a Flip Out Party Host and everything involved in her job. 

How Bella became a Flip Out Party Host 

After Christmas in 2022, Bella was looking for an exciting job where she could use her people skills in a fun environment. During her search, she encountered Flip Out Joondalup and noticed its commitment to active fun for all ages. She knew it was the kind of opportunity she had been looking for so she immediately applied for a position as a Party Host. 

“I applied, got an interview, then got the job and instantly started training in party hosting. Ever since then, I’ve been a Party Host and I love it,” Bella said. 

Bella’s Party Host responsibilities 

As a Party Host, Bella’s main responsibility is to take care of her guests. She starts by showing people where to go and explaining what will happen during the party so that everyone knows what to expect. She then makes sure everyone has signed their safety waivers before they begin their activities. 

Once all important information and administration is taken care of, she then takes the kids out to the arena so they can play! As the guests enjoy themselves, she keeps an eye out to make sure that everyone is being included, having fun, and being safe. 

Safety a particularly big focus, from securing kids’ harnesses for the climbing walls to keeping an eye on how they are interacting with the space. 

Bella has learnt a lot about keeping kids safe and responsible, including communicating safety rules in a way that doesn’t impact their enjoyment. “They love running wild with their friends, so I try to make a fun way for them to listen to what I have to say. No matter what surroundings they’re in they always find a game or something fun to do,” she said. 

This aligns with Flip Out’s commitment to minimising risks and allows everyone to enjoy themselves without fear of harm. 

Favourite party memories 

To Bella, the most rewarding part of her role is being amongst kids who are having a great birthday party with their friends. Their excitement is infectious and she loves being able to make it a special celebration they won’t forget. And it’s not just that party child who walks away with a memorable experience. She recalls multiple occasions where she ran into past guests during a general admission session and they were very excited to see her. In fact, they told her that they were asking their parents to have their own parties at Flip Out with Bella as the host!

It’s also great to see how much joy and freedom all the kids can have, while still being respectful to her and the space. Party crews have the chance to go a little crazy in a controlled environment, and even her most wild guests have been friendly, fun, and not opposed to helping with the cleanup. 

The best thing about Flip Out parties 

Flip Out parties are hassle-free for the parents and fun for the kids. Parents don’t need to worry about bringing a cake, food or candles because we supply all those for the party. Plus, us squad members are always looking out for all the kids to make sure they are all safe but also having a great time,” she said. 

According to Bella, a big part of what makes these parties so great is the environment. Everyone at Flip Out is kind, friendly, and full of energy. With her and the team leading by example, attendees can match the energy of Flip Out staff and create a great party atmosphere. It also makes it an awesome place to work. 

“No matter who I talk to, everyone is so kind and it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work. It is the best job ever. I love it so much!” she said. 

Organise your Flip Out party  

When you book your party through us, it will not only make kid’s party planning easier, you’ll have access to an amazing Party Host like Bella. They will be there for the entirety of your celebration to maximise enjoyment and allow you to relax. Organise your COOL, AWESOME, INSANE or Self-Catered party today!