How to Choose the Perfect Kids Birthday Party Places






kids birthday party places

Every parent wants to throw their child the best birthday party possible. one that gets talked about at recess and makes the kid feel special. A good kid’s birthday should be entertaining and well-organised, ensuring there’s enough food and fun to go around. So, when you’re searching for the best kids birthday party places, you should always consider catering, accessibility, flexible options for guests and pricing, and whether the venue offers additional staff for supervision.

Fortunately, Flip Out offers all of this and more! After you’ve read this blog, make sure to contact our friendly ninjas to book in your next kids birthday party places. We’ll take the stress out of organising and entertaining so you can enjoy the moment and celebrate with family and friends.

Complete Service

It can be hard enough planning a party without having to worry about nailing the execution on the day. Sending invites, finding party food that caters to allergies, and getting the kids ready on time can all take their toll.

Therefore, it pays to find a birthday party venue that can take the reins and run a seamless party for you. For example, Flip Out offers fully catered birthday packages, complete with ice cream cake and enough snacks to keep the kids going for up to 150 minutes of celebratory fun.

Our Insane Party package even includes music and a private room to ensure the vibes are high throughout the party.

If you prefer to cater to your own party and get everything just right, we also have a Self-Catered party package. This includes 90 minutes of jump time and the usual additions for a great party, but the decorations and food are on you! Just get in touch to discuss which package might suit you best.


Flipping is a physical thing, there’s no doubt about it. But there are certainly things we can do to keep kids of all abilities included in the fun.

When you visit Flip Out, we help everyone to express themselves in a safe environment. We may be able to turn the music and the lights down to avoid overstimulation, for example. Our dedicated staff will always cater to physical disabilities to keep everyone involved.

Flexible Options

When you choose a kids birthday party venue, you’ll want to know it can accommodate your number of guests, budget, and time.

Of course, there’s no use booking a party that won’t be able to keep all of the kids safe, and you certainly want enough food to go around.

If you find a venue with just one flat price for a party, you may want to shop around to gauge whether that price is of good value.

At Flip Out, we offer four packages for varying party sizes, budgets, and time considerations. Each level comes with its own inclusions so you can decide which suits you best.

Three packages are offered for a minimum of 10 guests, while the self-catered package has no minimum! So, you can organise a party as big or small as you like and pay per person to make things more affordable.

Contact Flip Out

We hope you’re convinced of our ability to throw the flipping best birthday party your kid has ever had. It’ll be the kind that goes down in history — at least among your kid’s friends.

If you know where to book your birthday party now, find your local Flip Out and get in touch with the friendly front-desk ninjas.