Flip Out Ninja Coaches: training ninjas in kids’ fitness classes






Training ninjas in kids’ fitness classes

Few kids’ fitness classes available today can provide as much action, excitement and imagination as our Ninjas program. Ninja classes teach kids how to develop agility, coordination and spatial awareness, all while learning how to master impressive aerial moves in a safe and supervised environment.

This would not be possible without the guidance of our Ninja coaches. Ninja coaches have the fulfilling and exciting role of facilitating a safe environment for kids to be active, social and entertained, all while spending their class bouncing on a trampoline.

Baylen is a Ninja Coach at Flip Out Albion Park who can personally recommend Ninja classes, whether you’re teaching or participating, as an experience not to be missed.

Baylen’s path to Flip Out

Baylen has had a lifelong love for trampoline skills. Prior to joining the Flip Out team, he was actually a three-time representative in New South Wales for freestyle flipping!

Baylen was eager to seek out avenues where he could share his skills and passion for flipping with others. Flip Out’s fitness and activity programs for kids presented the perfect opportunity.

“I really wanted to express my passion to the younger and growing generation and I was eager to do this by teaching them everything I learned over the years,” Baylen said.

Keeping kids’ fitness classes fun: A day in Baylen’s life as coach 

The set up

Baylen’s Ninja class runs every Tuesday and begins with a quick but detailed safety audit before the kids can start. Thanks to Flip Out’s coaching accreditation and safety training, he is confident in his ability to create a safe and fun environment. He does this by ensuring the space is clean and free of loose objects, then positions safety mats so kids can run and jump without risks of injury.

The class

Ninja classes start with full body stretches to warm up the kids’ muscles before they tackle the Ninja course. The course involves the group bouncing across a circuit of trampolines and padded obstacles, allowing them to first loosen up and then focus on the muscles needed for the rest of the class.

Baylen then leads everyone through a program designed to build strength, agility and coordination, all while helping them improve their aerial awareness, communication and social skills. This program includes a range of pre-planned tricks, games and relays. At the end the session with a warm-down of stretching to prevent injuries.

The result

For Baylen, every Ninja class is a rewarding experience for both teacher and student.

“Thanks to the coaching knowledge I’ve received, I’ve learned know how to help kids improve their tricks, including flips and general trampoline skills, but we also know how to have fun which makes it so great,” he said.

“Kids don’t realise they are improving their health and fitness while learning new skills because they are having so much fun doing it.”

When Baylen isn’t leading Ninja classes, he takes every opportunity to get more people involved.

“During my shifts when I’m not running Ninja classes, I make sure to mention it to kids and parents who come to Flip Out. Of course we get kids who return every term and they occasionally bring new kids, which I’m happy about because I love teaching them!”

The best things about coaching kids’ fitness classes

Baylen’s time as a Ninja coach has been filled with incredible experiences and memories that keep him coming back for more.

“I love teaching students new tricks,” he said. “My favourite part is watching kids successfully pull off a trick and how it gives them the confidence to learn more. A favourite memory is of this was when one of my students finally pulled off a 360 front flip into the airbag. His celebration was awesome!

“One of most rewarding parts is seeing students come back each week and wanting to show you what they achieved at home by applying what you’ve taught them.”

Baylen says there is nothing like the feeling that comes from watching a student’s passion grow. “What starts as initial interest in kids’ gym classes quickly grows into a desire to learn more, and knowing you played a major role in that process is a fantastic feeling.”

A big part of engaging with the class is to tap into what makes each student unique. Within the main class structure, Baylen will tweak his advice and teaching approach to suit each students to help maximise their growth potential and personal enjoyment in the class.

“Every student is different; even in the intermediate and advanced division students you can see a quick progression, but there is always an opportunity to learn something new.

“Kids can be more willing to take more risks out there but it’s fun getting to know them, and finding solutions to deliver what they prefer in a lesson.”

A dream job for lovers of active fun

Working at Flip Out has been a dream job for Baylen, who recommends coaching as the perfect career for anyone who loves having fun at work and passing on skills onto eager students, whether you’re a high school student who loves flipping, or you’re looking for a total career flip!

If you’re interested in becoming a Ninja coach with Flip Out, starting is as easy as making an enquiry at your local Flip Out centre or filling out an expression of interest for a Ninja coach position. Applicants should have a valid First Aid Certificate, or the willingness to obtain one before starting, and a Working with Children Accreditation as per the requirements in your state of residence. Successful Ninja coaches also have the ability to communicate with parents and have proven experience in trampolining, gymnastics, G-tramp, parkour or cheer leading.

“The workspace is very inviting and comforting, and provides a great outlet to teach kids while entertaining parties and groups of kids by doing impressive tricks.

“I recommend it to anyone with an interest in flipping and either has accreditation or is eager to become accredited, because getting to know the kids is a blast and you have so much fun while on shift.”

Enrol in classes today! 

At Flip Out, we believe that happy kids are healthy kids, which is why we run initiatives like the Ninja classes. You can sign your child up for causal or term classes to help get them active and social. If you have a little one under five, they can also join in on the fun through our mini Ninja classes – they’re like a gym for toddlers! Find out more on our website, or reach out to your local Flip Out arena to sign up.