Exploring Ninja Activities & Training Parks






Kids enjoying the indoor trampoline party

Ninja training is one of the few activities where the line between adults and kids becomes blurred out. All wannabe ninjas are welcome to have the time of their lives, without fearing judgement or discrimination. If you’re still unsure about what ninja training is, allow us to clear things up.
Two words: obstacle park. It is the ideal destination to bring fitness, fun, and adventure together! It’s a flipping heaven decked out to make all your ninja dreams come true.

Mini ninja playgrounds usually come with heaps of foam obstacles, pits, warped walls, jump towers, airbags, and even trampolines. From jumping to performing air stunts and flips, a ninja park provides you with the room and supervision to do so.

We firmly believe that kids are meant to be happy and make the most out of their youth. Fortunately for them, our skilled instructors thrive on their jobs to train your kids and improve their coordination, agility, and aerial awareness by mastering ninja moves in a proper yet safe manner.

What Flip Out Provides

We offer ninja training and classes to kids of all ages. Based on their ability and age bracket, we have ninja classes ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced.
Ninja classes are run each school term, and the students are encouraged to book a full term’s worth of classes to maximise the benefit of the experience!

Common Concerns Around Ninja Training

As thrilling as this sounds, we understand that there are common concerns that follow such exhilarating opportunities. So let us help ease your mind around these concerns so that there’s nothing stopping you from coming along.
First things first: no, there’s no fighting or body contact involved at Flip Out. Ninja classes are very peaceful and come with the pure intention of providing a good time. The ninjas are merely given a platform to train so that they can improve their agility, coordination, and aerial awareness.
You won’t need any prior ninja experience and a lack of skills won’t hinder your enjoyment too much. Our skilled instructors at Flip Out are qualified to train the ninjas from beginner stages all the way until they become expert ninjas.

Let Us Help You Plan a Day of Fun

We hope to have addressed any concerns that might have stopped you from signing up for our ninja classes.
Get in touch with us and find your local Flip Out so that you know where you can bring your kids, or even your mates to jump around and have a good time!


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