Caringbah’s Latest Craze: The Buzz Around FlipOut’s Exciting Expansion






A Girl Smiling on a Trampoline Park | Flip Out Australia

In Caringbah, the buzz is all about the new expansion at Flip Out, the beloved trampoline park that has long been a staple for local youth and families. This latest expansion is a testament to what makes Flip Out a top-tier entertainment venue.

Main Arena

The heart of Flip Out Caringbah is the main arena, an expansive space filled with loads of trampolines! This area is perfect for kids and adults alike, offering endless fun as you jump, flip, and soar through the air. The main arena is designed to provide a safe and exciting environment where everyone can enjoy the thrill of jumping high and trying out new tricks.

Junior Arena

For the younger jumpers, the junior arena is a fantastic place to explore. This dedicated space is tailored for younger children, ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable experience. The junior arena features smaller trampolines and soft play areas, allowing little ones to explore and play at their own pace without the worry of larger kids jumping nearby.

Dodgeball Arena

One of the standout features of Flip Out Caringbah is the dodgeball arena. This space allows for exhilarating games of dodgeball, where friends and family can compete in a fun and active way. The dodgeball arena combines the thrill of trampoline jumping with the excitement of a classic game, making it a favourite among visitors of all ages.

Foam Pit

Jumpers can dive into this large pit built for a soft landing, providing a fun and safe area for those attempting flips and tricks. The foam pit is perfect for practising aerial moves and building confidence, all while ensuring a cushioned landing.

Running Walls

For those looking to test their agility and strength, the running walls offer a unique challenge. These walls are designed for jumpers to run up and perform tricks, adding an extra layer of excitement to the trampoline experience. The running walls are a great way to push your limits and try something new, all within a controlled and safe environment.


Flip Out Caringbah also features basketball hoops, allowing visitors to practice their slam dunks. Combining trampolines with basketball is a fantastic way to add an element of fun to the sport, enabling everyone to feel like a pro as they jump and shoot hoops. This area is perfect for friendly competitions and showcases athletic skills in a fun, supportive setting.

Function Rooms

The new expansion includes upgraded function rooms that are ideal for a variety of events. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a school outing, or a corporate team-building event, these rooms provide a comfortable and versatile space to host your gathering. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, the function rooms ensure that your event is both memorable and hassle-free.


In addition to the new activity areas, Flip Out Caringbah now features a welcoming café. This space is perfect for parents to relax while their kids play, offering a range of delicious snacks and beverages. The café is also a great spot for socialising, making it easy to meet other families and make new friends. With comfortable seating and a variety of menu options, it’s a fantastic addition that makes spending time at Flip Out even more enjoyable.

Party Rooms

Planning a birthday party? Flip Out Caringbah’s upgraded party rooms make it easy and stress-free. These dedicated spaces are designed to host the perfect celebration, complete with decorations, catering options, and access to all the fun activities Flip Out has to offer. Party packages can be customised to suit any theme or preference, ensuring that every birthday is a special and memorable event.

Flip Out Caringbah is setting new standards for family fun and active entertainment. With its expansive main arena, dedicated junior arena, exciting dodgeball and basketball areas, and fun-filled foam pit and running walls, there’s something for everyone. The addition of upgraded function rooms, a welcoming café, and versatile party rooms ensures that Flip Out is not just a place to jump but a comprehensive entertainment destination. Come and discover why Flip Out Caringbah is the latest craze and experience the buzz for yourself!