10 Reasons Flip Out has the best indoor party venues






Kids Best Indoor Party Venue

When it comes to indoor birthday party venues, Flip Out is one of the best choices available. Birthday parties are a safe, supervised and active adventure from beginning to end, giving participants a well-rounded experience of good food, activity and experiences that will have participants eager to come back for more.

Here are 10 reasons why we think Flip Out has the best indoor party venues

1. Guaranteed kids birthday party, no matter the weather

One of the biggest drawcards for a Flip Out birthday party is the indoor factor. Planning parties can be a stressful affair and there’s nothing worse than having to cancel at the last minute, or having guest pull out en masse because of bad weather. Flip Out’s facilities are completely indoors, not just undercover, which means the conditions outside will never be a reason to miss out on the party.

2. Delicious food and drink provided

From ice cream birthday cakes to party-appropriate snacks, Flip Out’s party packages include food and drink so that all party goers can stay fuelled and hydrated throughout their session. This also takes the pressure off the party planners – no need to worry if you bought or made enough food, and no need to haul platters of food into the venue…unless you want to! Don’t worry, we won’t let the party run out of steam.

3. Flexible birthday party packages

Of course, it’s your party, and if you have a vision, who are we to get in the way? Our kids birthday party venues provide self-catered packages that allow to you DIY the party that you’ve always wanted to throw. If you have a specific party theme, or dietary preferences you’d prefer to manage, the power is in your hands! You bring the food and decorations, and we’ll provide the venue and grip socks. No matter what, it’s going to be a great time.

4. Fully supervised by trained staff

Flip Out parties are fully supervised by professionals whose job is to ensure the entire experience is enjoyed safely, from beginning to end. Even if you lose sight of your little one for a moment, there will be some eagle-eyed Flip Out staff watching over them for you.

Every member of the Flip Out team undergoes significant training so they know the safety rules back to front, and how to identify potential hazards to ensure any incidents are taken care of before they can begin. Flip Out also provided dedicated first aid staff who can spring into action and handle any potential accidents or injuries.

5. Health and fitness in disguise!

Your party guests will come to Flip Out to have fun, but they’ll leave feeling better than ever. Everyone at Flip Out is getting fitter, stronger and more energised for life, whether they know it or not! Party sessions are in fact high intensity muscular and cardiovascular workouts, camouflaged by the fun of our trampolines and activity equipment.

6. Safe and contained environment

Not only is Flip Out a fully indoor birthday party venue, but the facilities and equipment are held to the highest safety standard. Every day our staff perform rigorous inspections of the equipment prior to sessions, and anything is out of place, in need of repairs or not up to our high standard for safety and quality, we waste no time in undergoing the appropriate maintenance.

7. A well-deserved break for adults…

With a contained, fully supervised party venue, adults can sit back and relax. It can be a lot to plan a party and wrangle the kids, so while they have fun you can feel confident in enjoying some adult conversation and guilt-free down time.

8. …But still open to all ages!

If the kids look like they are having too much fun without you, we’ll understand! Flip Out includes all ages s adults are welcome to slip on a pair of grip socks and enjoy the facilities as they were intended. We recommend extra care is taken around children to avoid injuries, but as long as safety rules are followed we believe no one should miss out.

9. We’re here to have fun with you

At Flip Out, we live and breathe active fun. It’s our ethos: we believe that active kids are happy kids, that you should always aim high and challenge yourself (safely), and you should never stop having fun. This is a crucial element in creating the best indoor party venues. We truly care about delivering an incredible experience and that passion helps to provide something that is not only fun but memorable.

10. We have trampolines and more

Providing a party venue where people can jump, bounce and flip safely should speak for itself, but Flip Out isn’t just one big trampoline. Our arenas are equipped with foam pits, parkour courses, running walls and more, giving party goers a wide range of activities to enjoy. 

Looking for fun birthday ideas?

Flip Out has a range of party packages that suit a wide variety of preferences, with facilities, catering and supervision provided to give you a fully contained, fun and stress-free experience. Our DIY party package is available to give you greater freedom to coordinate your party while still providing the facilities you came for. 
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